I don’t recall when it started. It’s one of those things I just stumbled into but it has seen me help create countless weddings over the last 20 years. Even when I lived in Hong Kong my secret was discovered and before I knew it I was helping to design the wedding of two recovered addicts.

I love being creative, it makes me come alive inside like no other thing.

To each couple who have allowed me to get creative on their big day, thanks.

Here is one of my vintage favourites!





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We have often thought about adoption.
We know people who have.
We know of great experiences.
We have heard of the bad ones.

So why adopt?
Simply because we can and because Philbe and I get what it means to be forever loved into a place of secure identity.

So somewhere out there is a little girl whose life will change forever when we find her and we bring her home.

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Creating PAC Man – a boy and his crafting


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A boy and his jigsaw


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God spoke through a postcard and a pop lyric!

My wife Philbe and I are involved with TSM at our church the Kings Arms in Bedford UK. We oversee the pastoral care of the students each year. I love it!

A few weeks ago we were looking at prophecy and as part of the session we had a go at practising over each other. We split into groups and laid out lots of postcards face down infront of us. Everyone was given the opportunity to pick a postcard at random and then turn it over to see the picture on the other side.

This one lady picked up a card full of roadwork signs. As I looked at it all I could think about was the lyrics of that band Men At Work. The lyrics were “Do you come from a land down under”. So being the brave soul that I am I asked her if she and her husband had a heart for the nations and especially Australia. Turned out that they do!

I spent 5 minutes prophesying over her about the calling over her family, about the opportunities that God had predestined for them in that nation. I think she left TSM that day 100% sure that as a family they were heading in the right direction!

God amazes me with the creative ways he likes to get our attention!

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What’s in a name

So this week has seen the long awaited arrive of my friends baby girl Hero Darcey Jane Peacock. Totally love that name and it got me wondering why we call our kids what we do.

When we discovered we were going to have our first baby we spent hours talking about names and loving or hating each other’s suggesting.  Just before our 22 week scan we came up with 1 name we agreed on. Lottie Mai was the agreed title and so the discovery that our bump had a todger was a major blow and the whole process started again. I liked Seth, she liked Dominic, I like Hector and she really didn’t!!

In the end I got to choose.  Jasper has always been a name I have loved.  It’s derived either from the Persian name Caspar, meaning “treasurer,” or the Persian word “yashp,” meaning “spotted stone”, which is of course a semi-precious form of quartz. However to me it does have a more personal reason and I think it was this that sold it to my wife! In the book of Revalations we are told that God sits on a throne made of Jasper. The reason for this is that the jasper is said to reflect the Glory, the goodness and kindness of the his majesty. My dream, my hope for Jasper is that he will be a person who reflects Gods glory, his goodness and kindness to others just as the throne reflects the goodness and kindness of my father in heaven.

When only 17 months later we got pregnant again it was Philbe who got to choose. We waited until we knew that bump was a boy and then started to think and discuss! We were sitting around one evening with some friends who were doing the obligatory name-throwing-around-game when someone shouted Harvey. It totally caught Philbe’s attention. When we looked it up we discovered that Harvey means Battle Worthy which some think is a rather harsh and negative meaning but for us it made the name even more perfect.  We like the aspect of the word worth as it speaks of worth or excellence; possessing merit; valuable; deserving; estimable; excellent; virtuous. The period when Harvey was born was a really tough time for us on lots of levels but Harvey’s birth forged something deep and meaningful in our little family. We overcame a battle and were found virtuous enough to have a son, Harvey.

From time to time our boys will ask us to make their bedtime story the story of why we picked their names. I love being able to snuggle down with them and tell them about why we chose to call them Jasper and Harvey. As they listen I get to fill their minds with the dreams we have for them and how they can always remember these dreams hidden in their names. I can sow into their DNA the characteristics that their names conjure up. They always seem to wake up 10 feet taller after they hear these stories.

So, what’s in a name?

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Growth Spurts, Mario Costumes and Tree Climbing – Just a Typical Weekend!

Not sure if it’s my age or the age of my boys, but these days the weekend knackers me out! I get to Monday morning and feel like the proverbial bus has not just knocked me down but reversed and taken a second pop.

I’m 42, should I feel this exhausted? Has my ability to keep up with life peaked? Am I on the downward slope to slippers and bed by 9pm? The boys are 5 and 7, everything in me knows that I still have years ahead of me in regards to keeping up with their passion and enthusiasm for life. I have years of rough and tumble, Saturday morning adventures and sport to drag this bag of tiredness through!  Is there an elixir of youth I can take and is it available on the NHS?

The highlight of this weekend was whilst attending the 3rd party of the weekend, rescuing Jasper from up a tree. I had warned him against going too high and that getting up is easier than getting down, but my sage words of advice went unheard, washed away by the deaf zeal of 7-year-old optimism.  As I looked down from the top branches of my mate’s apple tree, I couldn’t help but mutter the words of many a dad in such a situation:

“I’m getting to old for this!”

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